August 22, 2018

Destination Sugar Land!

With copious amounts of coffee and natural excitement, Graphismo packed up and headed east last week to the Texas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureau (aka TACVB) for some convening and visiting In Sugar Land. And we brought a friend. 

cowboy, tacvb, graphismo, nickramos

Cardboard Cowboy at TACVB

Throughout the conference, we met people representing cities and towns across Texas, and the air was abuzz with local and state pride. There’s a town where gophers thrive, a city with a dulcimer fest, another city with a mile of margaritas, a diverse array of celebrations and festivals, millions of acres of state park to enjoy, and the list goes on and on. We have a long list of places to visit thanks to these ambassadors from across Texas.

In fact, we love Texas so much ourselves that we mused on 12 months of this great state in the calendar we contributed to the swag bags at the event.

calendar, tacvb, texas, texans

The World According to Texas Calendar by Graphismo

The extra bonus of this week of idea-sharing, brainstorming, and goal setting was its setting in Sugarland. It lives up to its name as a sweet place, and we were lucky to have distinctive places like these within easy reach: 

  • Vino Vinyl, where we had the happiest of tapas-filled hours, replete with wine and records (we bought two).
  • Caipirinhas at Japaniero’s, which paired perfectly with sashimi, sushi, and other tasty nibbles.
  • After love at first sight with the logo for the Skeeters, we then strengthened our love over a home game at Constellation Field, which was as magic as it sounds. Minor league ball parks really do bring the warm “America’s pastime” feeling to life.
  • And how we enjoyed the TACVB soiree at Smartland Financial Center, meeting new friends over international entertainment at the city’s gleaming performing arts facility.

To the tireless and ever-smiling duo steering the big ship TACVB, Sarah and Pamela, we send our gratitude and wish you many weeks of sleep and relaxation after such a gracefully executed event! We were so happy to attend, as both a sponsor and a vendor, and to be in such fine company of Texans from far and wide. 

Want to meet our cardboard cowboy? Our friends at the Georgetown CVB have adopted Cowboy George (we’re not sure why he left us, but we’re thinking maybe he didn’t enjoy our 80s karaoke road trip quite as much as we did). George looks forward to a howdy and a selfie with you at the visitor center on the Most Beautiful Town Square of Texas!

cowboy, cardboard, Georgetown, Texas

Cardboard Cowboy(George) at the Georgetown Visitor Center

July 5, 2018

Graphismo has caught the World Cup Fever!

marketing team, design team, Williamson county, Georgetown, Texas

Graphismo Team. Illustration by Adrian Oviedo©

Teamwork is the theme of our latest mailer, and it’s an integral part of our operation throughout the year too! Recently, we re-envisioned ourselves as a soccer team - Team Graphismo, of course – for agency’s own summertime marketing promo.

While creating this World Cup-inspired concept, each player on Team Graphismo contributed something important to the whole – writing, design, opinions, candor, along with equal portions of personality, and humor. But sometimes there’s a standout player, and this time, it was our illustrator, Adrian, who really went for the winning goal!

It’s interesting that even when working together on one concept, there’s so much internal dialogue during each individual’s creative time. So, we asked Adrian to give a window into his creative process, and here’s what he shared…

With the written content and overall concept in mind, along with the freedom to create, Adrian started visualizing. At first, he thought: What about a minimalist approach, like the schedule and tournament brackets. No, he retracted, this demands more than that. He pivoted to action-oriented ideas and sketched a scene of making the goal – as if you, the viewer, were shooting the scoring goal.  Standing back from his sketch, he decided to add the audience:

It was here that he had his creative eureka moment: “That's when I thought, well, what about making it the other way around…being in the audience watching your team score a goal?” As a soccer fan himself, it was such a relatable moment to portray.

World Cup, Soccer, Self-pronotion, marketing, graphic design

One of the early sketches for the World Cup Self-Promotion mailer.

Adrian’s final artwork for the mailer is a detailed and vibrant piece of art. We’re not sharing the final version here, so that it can arrive in the mail to you as a surprise. But we’ll say that it captures the collective joy an audience experiences when their team scores the winning goal. And isn’t it all about the audience experience when it comes to creating marketing for your business?

Want to see our Team Graphismo summertime mailer? Just give a shout to, and we’ll drop a finished one in the mail to you!

August 5, 2015

It has been a long time coming


I have to say that this website is long overdue. Being a designer without a website, it’s a bit like being a cobbler without shoes. You are always busy addressing your clients projects and concerns and you don’t end up working on your on.

Looking back through old files, both digital and paper, is like looking at that old photo book that brings back all of those memories. You find those embarrassing projects that you don’t want to take claim for it, but you also see you growth and accomplishments.
Through our work,, we collaborate on the narrative of our clients stories and work together for a happy ending, so that they can accomplish all of their goals and grow to be bigger and better. I invite you to look at our work and see all the stories that we have told. And just maybe, we can help you tell yours.