August 1, 2015

Georgetown Art Center

Georgetown Art Center LogoGeorgetown Art Center TShirtGeorgetown Art Center Business CardsGeorgetown Art Center Museum Anatomy PosterGeorgetown Art Works Museum Anatomy ReceptionGraphismo_PrintAustinPoster_GAW
Georgetown Art Works Wiley Exhibit CollateralGAW_WPW_PosterGAW_WPWTexas_DoorGraphics

Georgetown Art Center

The Georgetown Art Center is a welcoming environment for visitors to view, appreciate, create and purchase the art. Through innovative, intelligent exhibits and programs,they promote visual literacy in the greater community. The Georgetown Art Center is located in historic Downtown Georgetown.

The logo is meant to represent the architecture of it's physical building, meanwhile the furthest section to the right represents the gallery. There's a palette of colors to choose from, which are ever changing and reflect the different programming and exhibits.

As a board member of Georgetown Art Works, the arts organization that manages the Georgetown Art Center, Nick Ramos has not only developed it's identity, but has curated over 20 exhibits, working with both local and national visual artists. Graphismo has created all of the marketing materials that accompanied those exhibits, as well as a variety of invitations and fundraising events.

August 1, 2015

Georgetown Public Library

WOW Book Mobile DoorSide

WOW Book Mobile Wrap DriverSide

Georgetown Public Library - Parade AnimalsAnimal characters created to be used in the Red Poppy Festival Parade.



Georgetown Public Library - Xmas Banners

Santa Claus and Rudolph, part of the Christmas "Self-Help" banners created for the Georgetown Public Library.

Georgetown Public Library - Xmas Banners 2

Frosty, the Snowman and Little Drummer Boy, part of the Christmas "Self-Help" banners created for the Georgetown Public Library.

August 1, 2015

Republic Bank

Republic Bank - Illustration Savings

Republic Bank - Illustration Nutcracker

Republic Bank - Illustration Ice Skating

Republic Bank - Illustration Ice Cream

Republic Bank - Illustration Halloween

Republic Bank - Illustration Fortuneteller

Republic Bank - Illustration Debit

Republic Bank - Bathing Suit White

Republic Bank

Graphismo was commissioned by Proverb Associates to create a series of posters for Republic Bank that promoted their services and special promotions.

We believe joy is contagious. People are drawn to optimism, perhaps especially in tough economic times. Graphismo created a series of fun, colorful, slightly retro posters to create that sense of optimism in Republic’s customers. Each poster includes the Republic Bank logo and reinforces the message that sensible banking and saving makes life better.

August 1, 2015

T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs - Tasty LambGraphismo_DavyStrong_TShirtGraphismo_2014RedPoppy_CarShirt_TShirtGraphismo_2011_CarShow_TShirtDia De Los Muerots TShirt
T-Shirt Designs - Sew Much More CowgirlT-Shirt Designs - Georgetown Animal Shelter LabGraphismo_2013_Kids5K_TShirtGraphismo_2011_Kids5K_TShirt
All illustrations were created by Nick Ramos and Graphismo. They cannot be used or reproduced without permission.

August 1, 2015

Stoned Seniors

Graphismo_StonedSeniors_LogoGraphismo_StonedSeniors_MakeLoveNotWarGRaphismo_StonedSeniors_Website_Illustration_1 Graphismo_StonedSeniors_TshirtsGraphsimo_StonedSeniors_HippielovesNatureGraphismo_StonedSeniors_ChristmasCardGraphismo_StoneSeniors_Banner

August 1, 2015

Citizen Reindeer

Citizen Reindeer Logo TeeCitizen Reindeer TagsCitizen Reindeer Love A Freak Design TeeCitizen Reindeer Sometimes Wonderful TeeCitizen Reindeer Skip Confession TeeCitizen Reindeer Girl With a song Tee

Citizen Reindeer

Citizen Reindeer is an Austin,Texas based T-shirt company with a conscience. They create lyrically inspired tees.

We love the graceful curve of the reindeer’s neck and the swirls in the woman’s hair and the emotion that is evoked by the logo.

The Citizen Reindeer logo was selected for inclusion in the prestigious Logo Lounge, Volume 5, a collection of 2,000 international identities by leading designers. This book is used as inspiration for designers around the world.

August 1, 2015


Aquadillos LogoAquadillos Gear

Aquadillos Gear

Aquadillos Visor Cap

Aquadillos GirlSwimming


August 1, 2015

Sew Much More

Sew Much More - Reindeer Gift Guide Cover

Client: Sew Much More (Austin, TX) Description: Holiday Season Gift Guide Cover Illustration.

Sew Much More - Xmas Santa Sewing illustrationSew Much More - Women on the beachSew Much More - Window ShoppingSew Much More - Tractor IllustrationSew Much More - Summer Sewing PicNicSew Much More - Mother Daughter PicnicSew Much More - Monster MachineSew Much More - Fall SewingSew Much More - Cowgirl Riding Sewing Machine ToteSew Much More - Cowgirl TeeSew Much More - Women on Studio

Illustrations by ©Nick Ramos.

August 1, 2015

Susan Mallery