Graphismo_AnimalShelter_LOgoGeorgetown Animal Shelter Trailer Side

Georgetown Animal Shelter Trailer Hitch

Georgetown Animal Shelter Lab TShirt

Georgetown Animal Shelter Friends of the Animal Shelter Logo

Georgetown Animal Shelter Art For Animals

Georgetown Animal Shelter Collaterals

Georgetown Animal Shelter Paws For Mardi Gras Tee

Georgetown Animal Shelter Paws For Mardi Gras Collateral

Georgetown Animal Shelter Paws For Mardi Gras Poster

Georgetown Animal Shelter Volunteer Tee

Georgetown Animal Shelter

The Georgetown Animals Shelter is one of the causes that are dear to Graphismo. Over the years, we have helped them with creating materials to promote fundraising events, designing t-shirts, as well as developing their brand. Most recently, they commissioned us to design a wrap for their adoption trailer. Working with the shelter is only one of the ways that we try to give back to the community.

Nick Ramos of Graphismo did the design work for Georgetown Animal Shelter’s fundraiser, Art for Animals in 2008. It was the 2nd year for this event and our proceeds were 50% higher than the previous year. I attribute this largely due to the fabulous graphics in all our advertising materials, all designed by Nick.

The Art for Animals logo is featured in the book "LogoLounge Master Library Volume 2", which shows the best examples of animal and mythology inspired logos. The 2008 Art For Animals Poster is featured in the book "Designing for the Greater Good: The Best in Cause-Related Marketing and Nonprofit Design" by Peleg Top and Jonathan Cleveland.