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Graphismo has long been telling stories, primarily visually, as a creative agency. But, we’ve recently broadened our scope of services so we can offer more to our clients: We’ve added a copywriter to our roster. This brings us to the effective crossroads of branding-driven storytelling and story-driven branding. And, why can’t you be fully-rounded and have it all?

Before we relate anything in your voice, story gathering is the essential beginning of storytelling. By listening and asking guiding questions, we can cultivate not just the facts, but also learn about the heart of the business and its personality. Whether you have a one-off project for us, or are depending on Graphismo for branding with a longer-term plan, it comes down to conversation and developing a relationship. Sure, you‘re a great writer too, and you could do a stellar write-up yourself. But, who has the time to do everything? While you’re focusing on your specialties, let us devise narratives for you that resonate with your audience and contribute to building and honing your image.

Words composed not just in the right order, but with the sense of the whole picture in mind, can foster loyalty, engagement, connection, and interest. Presented in the right way, these words can be woven together to educate, inform, entertain, and contribute to a memorable portrayal of a brand. There are a lot of messages out there – in print and digital platforms – and everyone’s using the right buzz words to tweak algorithms to grow a social media reach. Beyond these popular words and social media, your message and your brand deserves to be handled with care, spoken about in a new and innovative manner, and dare we use one of those buzz word, but don’t you want it to be authentic too?

Here’s a story about our storytelling:

Recently, we took a field trip to spend time with a client whose brand has a rich personal history. Having an outside person to put the company’s story in words was essential, since they were too close to the plot themselves. Taking the time to observe and take in their mantras, personality, integrity, skill, as well as their overwhelming pride, love, and care for their concept enabled us to translate this into a brand biography.  And the resulting words we offered them made them teary eyed. In a happy way.

Not all assignments are so personal, but that emotional response really hit a strong note with us.  Storytelling is an important responsibility, and one that we take on with utmost care. It’s not about us; it’s about you, your goals, and your audience. We want to create something that is in your style, has the end result you’re seeking, and we’d like to say it in a new way, to differentiate you from everyone else.

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