Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas


Project Detail

Living a stone's throw from the “Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” makes us a little biased, but we think it lives up to its moniker. Nestled between an historic neighborhood, Texas' oldest university, and a thriving Sun City, downtown Georgetown, TX, is a destination for enjoyment.


Georgetown was seeking to increase the influx of tourism to its city, not merely from Central Texas, but Texas-wide and out of state too, all while portraying local pride. Incorporating a motto in entirety into a logo presented obvious design challenges.



As artist-driven agency, we were able to craft and hone a distinctive concept based on conversations with stakeholders to achieve something enduring. Combining the motto text with a nod to local historic architecture, this decade-young logo continues to be relevant artistically and is central to the city's branding as a tourism destination.

ClientCity of Georgetown

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