Meridian World School


Project Overview

A charter school founded to develop students equipped to find their way ”through a “complex world and enjoy a good life with others,”   Meridian School earned recognition as “Best Public School in Texas” in 2018.


Before its opening doors, the school needed a name that respected the thoughtful approach to learning that this school would offer. In tandem with naming, a branding package was required to launch the school and eventually welcome students.



In our naming process, we contemplated wording appropriate for a school developing children into lifelong, worldly learners. Scanning the globe, so to speak, we arrived on Meridian. Our lion branding, inspired by a lion's prides, accentuated spirit and dignity. Building a robust array of collateral throughout the years, including a massive acrylic awards wall, we recently revisited the campus to create a series of school sports mascots.

ClientMeridian World School