Central Texas Philharmonic


Project Overview

Formed through the merger of two neighboring arts nonprofits, the Central Texas Philharmonic looks ahead to its inaugural season of performances, partnerships with Texas State University and University of Texas, and educational programs with local school districts.


Mergers always present challenges, and for this symphony and symphony society -- originally based in two different cities – joining forces meant thinking more regionally and as one team. Meanwhile, growing out of symphony shoes and into a philharmonic mindset required special attention.



We helped stakeholders talk together about the new brand, and to explore new way to think about and build their brand. Graphismo guided the organization to a logo befitting of a philharmonic; created a website with the functionality of a box office, with sophisticated copy; and designed gala fundraiser invitations, offering elevated look to the vested followers from its symphony past.

ClientCentral Texas Philharmonic