Build Hope, Not Walls

Project Detail:

The ask was “Let's do some good,” and in response, a building block of Graphismo's philosophy is about giving back. In this case, we were raising funds and awareness for four Texas-based nonprofits that work with refugees.


Creating something from nothing but the wish to put more love into the world found us idea-making, from scratch, an elaborate showcase of art that would be sold during an event that we would market and promote. Where to stage it and how added further planning and financial complexity.

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Digging into our curatorial skills, we staged the event in Austin, TX, landing essential partnership with Big Medium. We developed more than a branded fundraiser, but also created an ephemeral experience -- an exhibit of 150 artists from across the US, seen together only during the event. To raise more even more funds and awareness, our website that enabled people nationwide to participate in the silent auction.

Photography Credits: George Brainard (Artists & Bricks Photos) and Jennifer Ramos (Event Photos)

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