We can all relate to the desire for newness, especially as we enter this New Year. Sometimes that comes in the form of a personal update, a new pair of glasses, because you’re bored of seeing yourself in the mirror (and maybe coupled with not being able to see yourself in the mirror). Other times, it’s a household renovation -- the living room requires just the right couch to bring everything together.  In that same way, organizations arrive at a crossroads where they seek a renovation and style update too. It was at this stage of the game when we were recruited by the  Austin Young Chamber to create their new logo.

This vibrant nonprofit organization has grown so much since its inception, and under savvy leadership, they have their eyes on a well-defined future. Throughout our conversations, the words from their core values resounded: Leadership, openness, opportunity, growth, community. While seeking a bold new look, they still wanted the new logo to honor their past. As we type “logo,” it’s striking how such a little word represents something so massive. How do you convey all of this past-present-future in one image, an image that has to be versatile in every sense of the word too? Conversation, listening, coffee, and design with an artist’s touch are some of the ingredients to Graphismo’s recipe. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but how about we just show you the final result?

We loved working with Austin Young Chamber, meeting them at their cool headquarters, and their member’s equally stellar office behind the scenes at a performing arts venue, and having lively conversations about design and goals. They’re an inspired and diverse group, which fueled our inspiration. The happy result is that they’re happy, which they talk about with fanfare here in their own blog.

Is your business ready for some renovation? Whether bold changes or some fine-tuning, an update is a worthy investment. We work in digital and print marketing, providing you with custom imagery, lively copy, and making sure that your marketing is true to who you are or plan to be. We’re actually in the midst of our own website facelift to show off how much our agency has grown, but more on that when we’re ready to share the big reveal!