We are off to Corpus Christi


Corpus Christi Illustration created for the Texas Festivals & Events Association 2016 Summer Conference.
Corpus Christi Illustration created for the Texas Festivals & Events Association 2016 Summer Conference.

We are packing our bags and heading to the Texas Festivals & Events Association Annual Summer Conference in Corpus Christi. This is our very  first TFEA Conference, so we are looking forward to making new friends and learning new things. If you are going to be there, make sure to stop by our booth at the trade show on Friday and Saturday.

BY: Nick Ramos

Mustang Storage Makeover


A few months ago, we were approached by Mustang Storage with a request to update their identity. The first thing that one notices when visiting Mustang Storage is that it’s first class storage facility with a focus in cleanliness and great customer service. Mustang Storage is independently owned and can provide several different types of storages to their clients.

The existing logo at the time, did not reflect their business. Our challenge was to create something that conveyed different kinds of storages, straight, and that could be easily identified, so that it can hold it’s own against National Storage Franchises. As part of their Rebranding, we updated their website, as well as their collateral materials. To learn more about Mustang Storage, please visit their website

What makes us different?

Graphismo Blog MostBeautiful Logo DevelopmentAt Graphismo, it’s safe to say that we are best know for our logo design. Some people probably would be surprised to learn that we do a lot of other stuff, but the “logo guy” thing has stuck. We love working on logos and helping business develop their brand from the very beginning, or to give a business a make-over if that’s something that’s needed. The logo design process starts with a conversation with our clients, then we do a lot of sketching… focusing on the concept,  the idea, not the fonts nor what is exactly going to look like. We want to make sure that when working on an identity, we create a brand that reflects our clients essence, their services, and their products. We aim to create a solution that can stand the test of time. Here’s the “Most beautiful Square Logo” in it’s very early incarnation.

It has been a long time coming


I have to say that this website is long overdue. Being a designer without a website, it’s a bit like being a cobbler without shoes. You are always busy addressing your clients projects and concerns and you don’t end up working on your on.

Looking back through old files, both digital and paper, is like looking at that old photo book that brings back all of those memories. You find those embarrassing projects that you don’t want to take claim for it, but you also see you growth and accomplishments.
Through our work,, we collaborate on the narrative of our clients stories and work together for a happy ending, so that they can accomplish all of their goals and grow to be bigger and better. I invite you to look at our work and see all the stories that we have told. And just maybe, we can help you tell yours.